Asia Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ASQED)

Keynotes - ASQED 2013

Aug. 27-28

Accelerating Innovation in the Era of Exponentials

Dr. Chi-Foon Chan Dr. Chi-Foon Chan, PH.D.
President and co-Chief Executive Officer
Synopsys, Inc.

Technical innovation is increasingly impacting everyone, everything, everywhere with today's consumers wanting it all: 24/7 connectivity, unlimited bandwidth, data, entertainment, security, portability and more. As this exponential trend continues, engineers designing the chips and systems inside of these electronics must adopt new technologies and strategies in order to deliver ever faster, lighter, smarter and cheaper products in record time. Today's SoCs are transforming the electronics industry by integrating a staggering amount of functionality into extremely cost-effective, high-performance, low-power, single-chip implementations. In the ongoing quest to maximize functionality and feature sets while optimizing power and performance, SoCs have begun to blur the distinction between traditionally different design domains such as mobile and desktop, or graphics and communications. Dr. Chan's presentation will provide insights into how to accelerate innovation in the era of electronics that are increasingly impacting everyone, everything, everywhere.

About Chi-Foon Chan

As Synopsys' co-CEO, Dr. Chi-Foon Chan shares responsibility for crafting vision and strategy, leading the company, and ensuring execution excellence in support of our customers' success. As the company's President and COO, a role Dr. Chan held for 14 years prior to his 2012 appointment to President and co-CEO, he guided internal operations and worldwide field organizations. Dr. Chan's joined Synopsys in 1990 as Vice President of Applications and Services where he helped build the Technical Field organization. He has sponsored several key initiatives such as entering the IP market, and personally facilitated key acquisitions such as Avant!, Virage Logic, Magma Design Automation and most recently, SpringSoft. Prior to Synopsys, Dr. Chan contributed to industry leading companies like NEC Corporation, where he was General Manager of the microprocessor group, responsible for marketing all NEC chip devices in North America. Prior to NEC, Dr. Chan was an engineer manager at Intel Corporation. He holds an M.S. and a Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University; and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Rutgers University.

Importance of Analog IC's in the Digital world

Aabid Hosain Aabid Husain
Vice President of WW Business Development and Marketing
Analog, Power and Mixed Signal Technologies

As the world goes more "Digital" – it requires more and more Analog IC's. Thus Analog IC is a $45B market and growing at 15% CAGR, much faster than the overall semiconductor market. Human beings are Analog, and so we interact with electronic device by sending analog signals which gets processed in "digital domain" before being converted back into Analog signal for us to consume. With various applications and market requirements, Integration and at the same time dis-integrations is taking place in Analog IC's . This talk will focus on current state of Analog IC industry, technologies and dynamic changes in manufacturing area taking place and finally touch upon the some of the innovations happening in this area.

About Aabid Husain

Aabid Husain joined GLOBALFOUNDRIES in August 2012 with over 25 years of management, technology development, foundry sales and marketing experience. Most recently, Aabid served as General Manager of US Office and Vice President, of Sales and Marketing, with Dongbu HiTek from 2001 to 2012, helping Dongbu become one of the best Analog and Power foundry service provider in industry.. Previous to Dongbu, he held a leadership sales position at Seiko Epson's Semiconductor Foundry Division for over 5 years. Prior to that, working at Altera Corp. Aabid was instrumental in starting a new product line called HardCopy - which allowed converting high volume FPGA product to an ASIC. Aabid also held technology development roles at LSI Logic, and QuickLogic/Cyress. Aabid hold MS Electrical Engineering and MS Applied Physics degree.

Technology Insight: Ultrabooks™ and the Transformation of the PC

Ajay V. Bhatt Ajay V. Bhatt
Intel Fellow, Intel Architecture Group Chief Architect, PC Client group.

Every decade, the PC has evolved with the new capabilities. Recently introduced 4th Generation core based Ultrabook™ devices have recently captured the spotlight and are creating a wave of excitement among PC users thanks to their blend of the performance and smart capabilities with the form-factors and style that users want. This talk reveals the technical underpinnings that define an Ultrabook™ and suggests ways these new technologies might transform all PCs in the future.

About Ajay Bhatt

Ajay Bhatt is an Intel Fellow and Chief Architect for Intel's PC Client group. Currently, Ajay Bhatt is playing a leading architectural efforts in transforming the PC by working with the key internal and external technology partners to develop future platform architectures and technologies. He also collaborates with key technology & business groups to position Intel at the forefront of the future client platform innovation by setting company-wide and industry impacting strategies. Bhatt joined Intel in 1990. Ajay Bhatt is an industry-recognized technical expert in the area of Platform Architecture and I/O technologies. At Intel, Bhatt has been the chief architect and co-inventor of broadly adopted technologies such as USB, Accelerated Graphics Port, PCI Express, platform power management architecture and various personal computer enhancements. The technologies he has helped developed have had profound impact on the computer industry. Bhatt currently hold 32 patents in the area of Platform architecture and I/O technologies. Bhatt earned his master's degree from The City University of New York. He is invited worldwide to give technical talks at industry forums and leading universities. He received an Achievement in Excellence Award for his contribution in PCI Express specification development in 2002. His other recognitions include The Light of India Award 2012, The Asian Award 2013 and The Inventor Award 2013 by European Union. Ajay is also named as one of "The 50 Most Influential Global Indians.

Crystalline Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide for Stunning Display Technology

Dr. Shunpei Yamazaki Dr. Shunpei Yamazaki

A crystalline oxide semiconductor formed by a sputtering method has an unprecedented crystal morphology that is a c-axis aligned crystal (CAAC). We have researched a model as to how such a structure is formed over any given surface, and have examined characteristics of the structure. Further, we have fabricated a TFT with the structure, and the TFT has already been employed in the backplane of a commercialized display by Sharp Corporation. In addition, memory, CPU, and FPGA applications with hybrid 3D structure where TFTs are arranged over a Si LSI are expected from the fact that the off-state current is less than 1 yA/μm (10-24 A/μm) even in a deep-submicron LSI. However, the principle of the reliability of the TFT has not been fully clarified. This paper, for example, describes negative-bias photodegradation, proposal of the model of its mechanism, and the reliability of the TFT for LSI.

About Shunpei Yamazaki

Shunpei Yamazaki is the Founder and President of Semiconductor Energy Laboratory Co., Ltd., Atsugi, Japan. He invented silicon floating gate type nonvolatile memory with a control gate (known as "flash memory") at 28 years old. He has since been engaged in research and development (R/D) of silicon-related technology. His dedicated R/D focus has been put on crystalline IGZO. As a result, he discovered the structure of c-axis aligned crystal (CAAC) and found physical properties having extremely low off current less than yA/μm(10-24A/μm). He holds Guinness World Record for "the most patents held by an individual" for obtaining 6,314 patents in total as of March 2011. He is a Life Fellow member of the IEEE and a foreign member of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. He received Ph.D. and Honorary Doctor of Culture from Doshisha University, Japan.



Future Trends of ICT in Creating Prosperous & Successful Economies

Eesa M. Bastaki Dr. Eesa Mohammed Bastaki, Ph.D.
Former CEO, ICT Fund Retired Faculty member, UAE University

Entering the Information & Communication Technology (ICT) development field is the bright future to most of the economies of the world. This trend has been going for a while, however, from the beginning of the 21st century this trend in ICT field has been moving so dramatically that those who can't catch up with this rapid pace will be left behind. They will be facing a challenge of implementing very fragile economies depending on delicate economic foundations.

About Eesa M. Bastaki

Dr. Eesa Bastaki received his Bachelor's & Master's degrees in Electrical Engineering from University of California, San Diego and Ph.D. from University of California, Irvine. His research interests are Digital Communications, Coding, Spread Spectrum Communications and Synchronization. He worked as a Teaching Assistant in UAE University from 1981 until 1989. He has been a faculty member in the EE Department at UAE University since 1989. During his career he held many posts. He was the Chairman of the Energy Section during 1990-1991, and Chairman of the Technology Section during 1991-1992 at the Technology & Energy Research Center, UAEU. He was the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs from 1992 to 1996 and later on from 1998 to 2000 the Director of the IT Center at UAEU. He was the Director of Education & Technology at Dubai Silicon Oasis Authority (DSOA) from 2003 to 2008. In 2009, he was Consultant of Education & Technology to DSOA. He is one of the founders of DSO & RIT-Dubai. He is the founder of IT Center in Al-Ain Municipality. Until Sept 2012, he was the CEO of ICT Fund. He is also the former Chairman of Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE), UAE Section and now the Honorary Chair. He is a member of Society of Engineers. Dr. Bastaki was a member of New York Academy of Sciences from 1995 to 1999. He is a member of Board of Trustees of Canadian University in Dubai. He is a member of Advisory Board of many universities (AUD, AUST, AUS, UWoD, UoS, RIT-Dubai and AURAK). He is a board member of UQAIB (University Quality Assurance International Board) at KHDA. He is the Chairman of the Technical Committee of Emirates Energy Awards and the Chairman of the Higher Committee of GEF (Global Education Forum). Dr. Bastaki is the recipient of the 2009 Emirates Excellence Award in Sciences awarded by the President which is the highest award in UAE for Sciences.

How to be a successful entrepreneur

Roy Chin Roy Chin
Chest Innovations

Many aspiring entrepreneurs want to start a business, and they face similar challenges. Roy will be sharing his 25 years of professional experience about entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur will work on projects that align well with his values and convictions, by infusing it with his vision to achieve his goals, while maintaining leadership skills to inspire other people to work toward the same vision and goals that he has. Roy will also be sharing the "Mountain Climbing" culture of passion, commitment, taking ownership and no whining, to drive a successful venture.

About Roy Chin

Mr. Roy Chin brings over 25 years of experience in medical device industry pioneering advanced technologies and new surgical procedures to improve quality of life. Currently, he is the Chairman and CEO for Chest Innovations, a company focusing on lung cancer procedures. Prior to this, he has helped to raise over $42 Million and he has taken SpineView from his garage in 2006 to product commercialization in 2010. Prior to starting SpineView, Mr. Chin spent 4 years with AFx, where he has converted microwave oven to highly innovative endoscopic medical device to cure atrial fibrillation and worked with more than 100 physicians in endoscopic procedures before AFx acquisition by Guidant in 2004. Prior to AFx, Mr. Chin was with CardioThoracic Systems (CTS), a company developing stabilizer system for minimally invasive coronary bypass surgery. CTS was acquired by Guidant in 1999. Prior to that he was with Stryker Endoscopy since 1988 in various managerial and engineering capacities developing technologies for knee and shoulder arthroscopy, ENT, and general surgery. Mr. Chin is the patent holder to several patents and more than 100 pending patents. Roy holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from University of Kansas, USA.